Wireless & Cordless Ip Phones

We deal in entire range of corded and cordless ip phones, headsets and other accessories manufactured by the globally leading brands. Some of the categories are mentioned as under:

  • Desk Corded Phones (Analogue, Digital and IP)
  • Cordless Phones (DECT, IP and Wi Fi)
  • Conference Phones for small rooms
  • Conference Phones for large rooms
  • Wall Mounting Phones
  • Desk Video Phones (IP)
  • Call Centre Phones
  • Industrial Telephones
  • Clean room Telephones
  • Lift Phones
  • Flameproof, Explosion-proof and waterproof phones

The phones are available with various options like basic phones, hands-free speaker phones, LCD Display, One Touch buttons, hold/mute/redial/pause/flash functions.
Headsets are also available in a wide variety with monaural and binaural options and noise cancelling feature. A brief description of offered headsets is given below:

  • Headsets for call centers & offices, PC – USB & sound, ATC headsets and special headsets
  • Adaptors for Digital / IP Phones and Analog extension and Analog single line Headset / Business phone
  • Voice recording hardware and Safety & Security devices
  • Entire range of headset accessories and spares including cords
  • Universal Digital Concentrator (UDC) and Media Testing Components -Tone & Line Man Test sets & Accessories
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Cctv Ip Surveillance System

IP networks have been expanding rapidly and are widely adopted throughout the world IP Video Conferencing Solutions monitoring systems provide the latest security and monitoring solution that allows you to leverage the use of existing, globally accessible, IP infrastructure. Simply connect an IP camera to a network and you can monitor live images from the camera on your networked PC anytime, anywhere, around the world. What’s more, technological progress, such as with audio and Video Conferencing Solutions compression techniques, makes it possible for you to monitor moving images and audio over these IP networks.
There are a number of other convenient features available with IP video monitoring systems that are not available with conventional Cctv Ip Surveillance System, such as wireless connectivity, sending images to a select group (Multicasting), and higher resolution images.
Feature-rich yet easy-to-use IP Video Conferencing Solutions are an ideal solution for today’s remote monitoring and market research applications in locations such as banks, transportation facilities and roads, schools, public venues, industrial facilities, and shopping malls. And as an additional revenue-generation tool, IP video monitoring systems can be used for online web attractions inlocations such as zoos, museums, theme parks, and more.



  • Remote Monitoring Anytime, Anywhere
  • Remote Control From Any Networked-PC
  • Easy Setup, Reduced Installation Costs
  • Audio Monitoring
  • Intuitive Browser-Based GUI
  • System Flexibility
  • Future Possibilities

Customer Centric Solutions:

  • Banks
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Government
  • Public Venue
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Web Attractions (Video Streaming)
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Structured Cabling Solutions

The Cable installation often gets far less importance than it really deserves. However, the fact is you can only achieve optimum performance of all your networking and Phone system through some good planning, robust designing, professional installation and proper maintenance of your cabling systems.
Therefore, whether you need new structured cabling installation or cable removal service for your cabling systems upgrade, you can rely on OPERANT for providing you the best-structured wiring services at most affordable prices.
OPERANT caters to all cabling and networking needs of large / small, commercial and industrial clients, offering a whole range of data / voice wiring products and networks including designing, installation, and maintenance services.
We at OPERANT strongly believe technological advances bring about better changes, so we keep abreast the latest technological enhancements and pass on the same to all our customers, bringing them more value and a technological edge over their competitors.
We take pride in playing a vital part in the growth of your business and consider your success as ours. Keeping pace with the ever-evolving technological advancements OPERANT is your one stop solution to all your structured cabling, wireless networks, and telecom needs.

OPERANT’s Structured Cabling Solutions include:

  • Designing
  • New Installations
  • Reconditioning of existing network
  • System upgrades
  • Moves/adds/changes
  • Network Consulting
  • Testing and documentation
  • And maintenance of current cabling systems
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Chetu Inc – IT Solutions Providers Company

Chetu, Inc. is a World-Class Information Technology solutions provider, headquartered in Miami, Florida. Chetu, Inc. is an SAS-70 certified company that was founded in 2000, serving entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 clients. Chetu has a growing team of over 500 skilled engineers spread across seven global locations. In addition to the company Headquarters & Delivery Center in Miami, Chetu also has six additional software delivery centers:  Las Vegas, Tampa, Nashville, Dallas, Amsterdam as well as India (Noida). The company provides IT solutions for various Industries such as Healthcare, Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals, Financial, Gaming, Retail, etc. Chetu IT services include process and systems design, package implementation, custom application development, business intelligence and reporting, IT systems integration, EMR software development, IT Infrastructure management (as well as testing), maintenance and support. Chetu expertise spans across the entire IT spectrum.  Chetu is a proud member of HIMSS (Healthcare), NRF (Retail), Electronic Transaction Association (Financial) and Gaming & Leisure Business Partner (Gaming).

Awards & Recognition

  • Chetu, Inc. has been officially awarded the #25 slot in the South Florida Business Journal list of South Florida’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies. Rankings were based on 2009-2010 revenue growth percentages.
  • Chetu, Inc. has been officially awarded the #1172 position by Inc. 5000 in their list of fastest growing private companies in America. Rankings were based on 2011 – 2012 revenue growth percentages. Chetu grew at a stellar 55.3%, year over year in revenue.
  • Chetu, Inc. has been officially awarded #35 top companies, Miami metro Area by Inc. 5000, 2012.
  • Chetu, Inc. has been officially awarded #5 top companies by South Florida Business Journal’s 2012 Fast Tech Awards.

Product & Services

Chetu provides a wide range of information technology services including system integration, application development, IT infrastructure management, business intelligence, data warehousing, supply chain management, outsourcing software development and testing solutions. Chetu uses Unique, certified and mature delivery model which capitalizes on global computing to give you reduced cost without compromising on quality, productivity, accountability and turn-around time.  Chetu’s IT services are focused for the small to mid-size organizations looking for faster turnaround times and high productivity levels. Our service levels are reflected through our high customer retention rate.

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Things about IT Infrastructures & Infrastructure Management

Over the last few years the internet became more matured and advanced. Mobile technology like smart phone and tablet has changed the Information Technology as well as infrastructure of business within company or organization. IT Infrastructure has advanced and a tangle of new challenges has emerged. Properly implemented IT infrastructure helps to achieve competitive advantage.

What is IT Infrastructure?

IT infrastructure is a collection of combined software, hardware, network resources and services that required for the operation, management of an enterprise IT environment. IT infrastructure allows an organization or company to distribute IT services & solutions to company employees, customers and partners. IT Infrastructure has a direct impact on business and business growth, and the infrastructure crisis is endangering our business future prosperity. Infrastructure component play a role in overall IT or IT enabled operation that can be used for developing customer IT or internal business solutions, Without an IT infrastructure, no business can hope to compete.

Hardware – Hardware could be Servers, switches, hubs, routers, Computers, date centers and servers etc.

Software – Commonly used software are ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management),  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), productivity applications and more.

Network – Internet connectivity, firewall and security.

Infrastructure accept best practice and technology from the information technology community for providing company a blueprint, how to manage or development Information Technology services at company.  There is a lot of advantage for infrastructures some of them are Reduce IT costs, Improve customer satisfaction through professional services delivery, improve productivity, skills and experiences.


Role of Information Architecture in infrastructure:

In every company one person is responsible for entire IT infrastructure management know as IT infrastructure manager, is responsible for the hardware, software and tools that used to organize or manage large computer installations. Infrastructure manager manage emergency planning, coordinate system management, and reports to the director of information technology or other higher authority within the company. Project manager are also corresponding in rank, but often rely upon the ability of the IT infrastructure manager when planning new projects. Teamwork is essential for better outcomes and performance for infrastructure.

In each and every infrastructure Data centers should be more efficient, standardized and up to date. When someone updating servers, storage and networks with virtualization or cloud technologies, IT providers continue to advance their businesses and cut costs by updating their IT infrastructure. Cloud management is the best practices to transform your data center.

Finally I want to describe If we properly handled or implement IT infrastructure within company IT environment, it will not reduce business IT cost but also provides better option to improve productivity, business growth and increase Business Return of Investment.

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Kiosk Application Development – User Interface Key Factors

The kiosk application is a digital display interface design which is featuring specialized hardware and software designed within a public exhibit that provides access to information and applications for communication, entertainment, financial, ticketing and education. A kiosk application requires a simple user interface so that one can use kiosk application without any training or any types of documentation. Kiosk application is touch screens types interface. There are many key factors in kiosk software development or kiosk application development that increase the ROI of the organization’s kiosk and other IT investment. Kiosk application should have easy user interface. Kiosk application user interface should enhance user or customer experience. Other important characteristic of kiosk application interface is – it should be one-piece integration of the new kiosk application to the organization’s existing systems. Before developing kiosk application interface following facts should be kept in mind.

  • Always use large fonts in kiosk application interface.
  • Select right color combination between text and background of interface.
  • Keep kiosk application interface simple & provides clear instructions for user or customers.
  • Kiosk interface should be able to support multi-language.
  • Always use large buttons so that are easily visible for users.
  • Try to avoid double-clicking, dragging and scrolling.
  • Always keep your brand image on kiosk application.

These are the some key factors which can enhance user or customer experience. Once kiosk application is developed don’t forget to test it. Test kiosk according user point of view as does all the instructions clear to customer or users, non-technical users can user the application without any training etc. I suggest you regular monitoring kiosk application usage. This will help organizations to optimize the customer interface.

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Designing an EMR: EMR Software Development

EMR software is complex functionality. The goal of EMR is to convert medical records from paper charts to digital electronic charts and also to enhance the flow of information about patients and their care, to all who might be involved in the patient’s care. The physician’s work flow in an office practice is very different that the work flow in a hospital.  Therefore one size EMR does not fit completely in our present environment.

In modern era EMR software are capable of performing complex functionality such as data concurrency, electronic prescription, one click patient search, labs integration using HL7 interface, medical billing, appointment scheduling etc.

EMR system works in following dimensions

User Role: EMR system should present the user with a screen or a dashboard that is specific to the user role (This is sometimes called user perspectives) after identify the type of user after a login. For example, if a nurse logs in to the EMR application, the user interface should display functionality that is specific to that role.

User preference: When different physicians prefer different types of input modes such as typing, dictation, and handwriting. The EMR system device and user interface must fully support each mode of data input.  As For example, a doctor who can type and feels that it is important to sit down with a patient during an exam, might feel most comfortable using a laptop or a tablet PC in the exam room.

Task: There are many different activities involved in the patient care environment so different devices must be better suited for different tasks. For example, nurse records patient vitals in an exam room, the nurse is typically standing and taking a pulse, obtaining a blood pressure reading and recording a temperature. A system device such as touch screen or tablet PC should be best suited to record vitals in an EMR system.

Work environment: Different environments can include the exam room, doctor’s office, front office, phlebotomy room, etc.  Again, start with the best device for that situation and design the UI to be specific for the role and task. Laptops may be the best fit where end users are typically sitting down with the patient across from them.

A plethora of functionality crammed onto each screen will confuse all users. Users may just end up using 20% of the functionality and spend 80% of their time trying to figure them out.  However, the interface should be designed so that advanced users can easily access extended functionality.  It is also important that UI patterns should be developed for each device (assuming there may be some overlap) and all UI patterns should follow the basic principles of usability.

Want to more details of EMR system development or Healthcare IT Solutions visit: http://blogs.chetu.com/healthcare/designing-an-emrehr-simple-interfaces-for-complex-functionalities/

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