Kiosk Application Development – User Interface Key Factors

The kiosk application is a digital display interface design which is featuring specialized hardware and software designed within a public exhibit that provides access to information and applications for communication, entertainment, financial, ticketing and education. A kiosk application requires a simple user interface so that one can use kiosk application without any training or any types of documentation. Kiosk application is touch screens types interface. There are many key factors in kiosk software development or kiosk application development that increase the ROI of the organization’s kiosk and other IT investment. Kiosk application should have easy user interface. Kiosk application user interface should enhance user or customer experience. Other important characteristic of kiosk application interface is – it should be one-piece integration of the new kiosk application to the organization’s existing systems. Before developing kiosk application interface following facts should be kept in mind.

  • Always use large fonts in kiosk application interface.
  • Select right color combination between text and background of interface.
  • Keep kiosk application interface simple & provides clear instructions for user or customers.
  • Kiosk interface should be able to support multi-language.
  • Always use large buttons so that are easily visible for users.
  • Try to avoid double-clicking, dragging and scrolling.
  • Always keep your brand image on kiosk application.

These are the some key factors which can enhance user or customer experience. Once kiosk application is developed don’t forget to test it. Test kiosk according user point of view as does all the instructions clear to customer or users, non-technical users can user the application without any training etc. I suggest you regular monitoring kiosk application usage. This will help organizations to optimize the customer interface.


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