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Like the ever changing Digital Marketing arena. Google adwords also keeps on changing itself. Google introduce new ad formats, adwords settings and introduces a few big profile tests into the jungle in 2012.

The article below covers eight key changes introduced to AdWords in 2012:

  1. Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads
  2. Overhauled Location Targeting
  3. Dynamic Search Ads
  4. Enhanced Sitelinks
  5. Offer Extensions
  6. Dynamic Display Ads
  7. Mobile App Extensions
  8. AdWords for Video

1.     Shopping and Product Listing Ads

Froogle the google product search platform as we know was a free tool and it use to allow anyone with merchant center account to add their products in visual product listing which sometimes also use to appear in google search results.

This year, Google shifted those results to be entirely commercial and rebranded it Google Shopping. These ads are now powered entirely by Product Listing Ads and take two forms.

First, they appear…

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