What is IT Service and IT Solution for Business?

it solutions for business &  it business solutions

IT solution for business

Now a days IT service become very popular among various business industry such as retails, healthcare, pharmaceutical, hospitality, telecommunication, finance & banking, supply chain, tour & travel, gaming & entertainment and eLearning & education.

What is IT service management:  IT service discusses as implementation and management of quality service which fulfill our business need and requirement. IT service is performed by IT Service Providers Company or by group of highly skilled people.

IT service solution has ties with the technical details of the systems under management. Instead, it focuses upon providing a framework to structure IT related activities and the interactions of IT technical personnel with business customers and users. In other words IT solution means of delivering value to customer by facilitating outcomes customer wants to achieve without any extra cost and risk.

According to user view IT service is process information, transfer information and store information whenever they needs with security, reliability and cost effectively. IT business solution further divided into two parts- External customer facing service and internal customer facing service. IT management service also known as supporting service for your growing business. IT service monitors your hardware, server, network and other important fact so that business organization easily gets their aim. Every IT service providers have qualified IT department which manage people, process and all types of technology and also manage all of the costs and risks associated with those services. IT service combined with many services each service and process has a life cycle from strategy through design and transition to operation and continual improvement. The inputs to IT service are the resources and capabilities which represent the assets of the service provider while outputs are the services that provide value to the customers. IT service is itself a strategic resource of the service providers.

At last I want to say that IT service is an integral part of any business organization due to heavy dependence on proper IT systems for day-to-day business transactions.


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