On page optimization tips for beginners

Search engine optimization process is divided in to two parts one is on page and an other is off page optimization. both methods are different each other.here we talk about on page optimization, I will discuss off page optimization in next post. In on page optimization changes occurs in website elements such as title tag, meta description, meta keywords, link anchor text, header tag (h1, h2, h3…..), content optimization, etc. Title tag are most important for on page optimization, when you are trying to write title tag for site. Remember Title tag should be unique for every pages of your site, It should be descriptive so that user as well search engine can understand about your page. Before writing your title tag first research your best keyword which easily describe your product or page than use selected keyword in your title tag, Title tag should not be greater than 65 characters.

When you have written your title tag second thinks is meta description. On page optimization meta description also very important, Meta description helps to  describe about your page or what your pages offers to user. the most important is to meta description display in search engine result page so meta description should be descriptive for user. on page optimization the length of meta description should be 150 characters.

Now comes to meta keywords, In on page optimization meta keywords should be 250 character and keywords and keyword phrase should not be repeat.

content optimization is the place where you can use you targeted keyword and keyword phrase. On page optimization content optimization is very important you can use your keyword in bold font, use <strong>…..</strong> tag beside traditional <b>…</b> bold tag.

Internal linking also the part of on page optimization, if you have done site on page optimization. you can save a lot of time for doing off page optimization and get high rank in search engine optimization.On page optimization in very important so onpage optimization should be done in proper way.


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